Solutions made of passion

F1 Race Parts

Produkte für die Formel 1

High Technology for Winners
Formula 1 is the greatest challenge a manufacturer of mechanical components may ever be confronted with. We have embraced this challenge and have attained the status of top supplier with our high tech products.

Electric Mobility and Electric Racing

Products for Electric- and Hybrid-Drivetrains used on Road and in Racing

WEC Race Parts

Products for the World Endurance Championship

Endurance Racing is a big challenge. The technical development-possibilities are great and relevant for general car development.

WRC Rally Parts

Products for the World Rally Championship

For Rally Cars Kaiser manufactures components, that need to withstand the toughest environment and use.


AERO Space Parts

Products for Aviation

Boundless safety
In our Aero Space Division, we manufacture mechanical components that are exposed to the most extreme demands. Cosequently, they have to meet the highest safety standards.


Products for the Automotive Industry

We manufacture prototype parts of the car manufactures and their suppliers in the highest quality and with the shortest lead time.


Products for general Engineering Industries. We manufacture components for general industrial applications to our customer drawing or data from various materials, e.g. also from castings or other wrought materials.