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Electric Mobility and Electric Racing

Products for Electric- and Hybrid-Drivetrains used on Road and in Racing

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Products made to your design ideas

We manufacture prototypes and small batches of the latest designs for car manufacturers, racecar builders and drivetrain developers.

We offer:

  • One offs
  • Test and evaluation quantities
  • Small production run quantities
  • Highest quality level
  • Short lead times

We can offer our expertise in the following areas:

  • Machining of extremely lightweight components
  • Machining of lightweight and innovative material
  • Manufacturing of Stator and Rotor, E-motor Housing, KERS, MGU-K and MGU-H components
  • Manufacture of Inverter Components, Cooling System and Heat Sinks, Electric Connector Housings
  • Manufacture of storage system components, e.g. for Flywheel or Battery Systems
  • Manufacture of assisting systems as CVT modules, Hydraulics, Gear Train, etc.

We know what our customers require and can develop new technological solutions with them. Design changes and new approaches are known to us and also the usage of innovative materials and new surface treatments.


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