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Carbon wishbones

Kaiser Werkzeugbau develops carbon wishbones for Formula 1


Kaiser develops and produces wishbones, toe links, push- and pullrods made from carbon.

Depending on the customer reqiurement, this may include the layout, the finite element analysis and the design as well. These components are some of the most highly stressed components that can be found on a racing car. They also need to be as light as possible at the same time. Therefor the use of carbon is an obviouse choice.

There are two techniques that can be used as joints. Both have been successfully employed at Kaiser Werkzeugbau. The first technique is to use solidly mounted metallic flexing ends (mostly made from titanium), that are bonded into the carbon and flex in a calculated way to ensure the full suspension movement. The second variant is to employ fully integrated flexareas made from carbon, that are reinforced around the fixing areas by top hats. Kaiser also manufactures the molds for the production of these components, either in aluminium alloy or carbon. For the layup of the components we use our top range partners.

It is also possible to have these components tensile tested on our in house rig, if required by the customer.



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